Picking Out The Perfect Sofa: Step 1 – Creating a Plan: From Cedar & Rush


Walter E. Smithe was recently featured in Cedar & Rush in an article called “How to Pick Out the Perfect Sofa” — because… yeah, we know a little something about that, and Oakbrook designer Catherine did a fantastic job helping the author find her perfect sofa!

Check out these easy-to-follow steps in your sofa-section process


Bedroom Décor


A bedroom is a place where you spend your time to relax after a hectic day at work so it needs to be elegant. If you bored of the same old look of your bedroom and want to give a fresh new look to your bedroom then follow the following ideas:

  1. Choose a Theme

First of all, you need to choose a theme. It can be anything you like such as your favorite movie, animal, inspiration and other things of your interest. Choosing a theme will also help you to decide what type of furniture, colors, and patterns to use.

  1. Furnish the Whole Room

Once you have finalized the theme now you can furnish the room accordingly. Furnish the whole room with items like sofa beds, storage trunks, reading chairs, dressing tables, hanging shelf, nightstands and many other items that go well with your bedroom and can assist you in your daily routine.

  1. Colors and Patterns

Paint your bed with a solid color for a modern look. You can add colorful quilt and pillows with a variety of patterns. Use the best combinations of floral patterns through your bedroom to make it look more elegant. You can choose various scales of the floral pattern but you should stick to a single color palette to create a stress free environment. Ensure that each pattern depends upon on the same primary hue to make the mixing and matching more convenient.  If want your bedroom to be relaxing and stress free then choose from neutral hues.

  1. Clean the Room from Unwanted Clutter

Clean your room from all the unwanted mess.  Get rid of all the items that you no longer use and the items that do not go well with the theme that you have selected. Cleaning all the unwanted clutter will also help in making space for new items.


  1. Paint the Walls

It is an easy way to give a quick change to your room. Paint the walls in a solid color and then you can paste on a narrow strip of wallpaper at the center of the wall. If you tend to have a small space then you should paint your walls in one color and leave the ceiling white. This will make your room appear much bigger.

  1. Hang some Lights

You can use some decorative lights to make your room more elegant. There are a variety of decorative lights that you can choose from as they come in all type of shapes, sizes, and colors like flowers and butterflies. If your room consists of white or bright colored walls then choose lights with a white wire. If your room consists of darker colored walls then choose lights with a clear wire. You can purchase ideal lights for your home from smithe.com.

  1. Use Mirrors

Mirrors can beautify the interior of a bedroom and they can help in reflecting light on the outside as well as views in a bedroom which make even the small bedrooms look bigger. Create a wonderful scenic view inside your bedroom by hanging an oversized mirror on the wall.  You can also use it to see yourself when getting ready to dress.

  1. Add a Nightstand

You can add a night stand that may contain all of the necessities. It will make your bed space appear more elegant. Include a night lamp, clock, and a vase of flowers. You can also include a stack of your favorite books if you like to read. If you often get thirsty at nighttime then you can include a have a jug of water as well that will save you from the fuss of going all the way to the kitchen.

Incorporating your Style into your Home Inexpensively

camden-pmIt is not easy to incorporate your style into your home especially if you have a low budget. Following are the ways to decorate your home inexpensively:

  1. Give a New Look to Furniture:

Instead of wasting money on buying new furniture you should make the most out of your existing furniture. Polish your furniture to give it a new refreshing look. You can also use throw blankets, throw pillows and area rugs to give your room a better look.  Throw pillows and area rugs are available in reasonable price at smithe.com.

  1. Renovate your Bathroom

Use towels, shower curtains, and bath mats to bring life into your bathroom.  Change the theme of your bathroom by painting it with a color that goes well with the surroundings

  1. Install New Door Pulls to Your Cabinets

Don’t invest your entire budget in buying new cabinetry for your kitchen instead you should install new door pulls and handles to give a fresh look to your cabinets.

  1. Display your Awards and Collectibles

You should take your awards and collectibles out of your drawer and display them through shadow boxes. If there are lots of awards and collectibles to choose from then select the ones which are more colorful and display them on the walls of contrasting colors.

  1. Display Family Photos

You should also hang all your family photos on the wall to cherish all the memorable times. Not only will the photos cover the empty space on your wall but will also make the wall look livelier.

  1. Bring the Touch of Nature

Bring the touch of nature inside your home by planting indoor plants. All you need to do is collect some rocks and place them in a decorative vase with fresh blooming flowers and greenery. You can also use wallpapers of nature and display them on the wall to improve the outlook of your home.

  1. Use Mirrors

If your home is small then you can make it look bigger by using mirrors. Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes so they can be used to decorate the room and create an artistic effect. Mirrors can be used in any room of the house and they are quite inexpensive. Moreover, you can use frames to turn the mirror into a display piece.  A wide variety of mirrors is available at smithe.com.

  1. Paint

One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to give a new look to your home is by painting it. You should choose bold colors to change to make the atmosphere of your home dynamic. You should not hesitate to experiment so come up with some innovative ideas mix different shades, use different patterns and textures to make them stunning.

  1. Prioritize your Needs

Before planning to decorate your home you need to prioritize your needs. You should determine which rooms need the most attention and then focus on these rooms. Spend the majority of the budget on the rooms that need attention and the rooms in which you pass the majority of your time.

Give Hope: Children’s Hospital of Chicago


Walter E. Smithe is proud to sponsor 93.9 My Holidays’ “Thanks for Giving Weekend”, supporting Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. Lurie relies on people like you to advance their programs, further their research, and offer top-notch service to their young patients. Give hope to the hundreds of children spending the holidays in hospital rooms by making a donation. Now through the end of the year, we’re accepting donations at any Smithe showroom or by donating here. Thank you!

Meet Kristen Handtke


Kirsten is a recent graduate with dual degrees in Interior Design and Visual Arts from Bethel College. Kristen is excited to design for Smithe clients, and believes Walter E. Smithe’s, “You Dream it, We Build it” motto allows clients to choose furniture, fabrics, and finishes that will be unique, yet functional and compatible with their lifestyle. Kristen also enjoys that every person coming in wants something different and has a unique style, that no two spaces will be alike. Let Kristen’s passion for design and talented eye work for you!  Contact her today at 630-581-4697 or email kristenh@smithe.com.





Rachel Ray for Walter E. Smithe

We are so pleased to be able to announce our new line by Rachel Ray from Legacy Classics furniture. Our merchandising team has mixed up the line-up with bold flavors of color like spicy paprikas, as well as mouth-watering accents!

Featured pieces our designers love so far:

Kitchen island, with top part that opens to throw away food scraps during prep:



Highline Dining Set – Stylish and trendy with its greyed finish and linen upholstery, including this amazing table!




Panel bed



Shelter Bed


This dog bed – I mean, really – how cute!


Bunching Display Cabinets