Picking Out The Perfect Sofa: Step 1 – Creating a Plan: From Cedar & Rush


Walter E. Smithe was recently featured in Cedar & Rush in an article called “How to Pick Out the Perfect Sofa” — because… yeah, we know a little something about that, and Oakbrook designer Catherine did a fantastic job helping the author find her perfect sofa!

Check out these easy-to-follow steps in your sofa-section process


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

mp900430981It’s always good to hire a professional interior designer to decorate or renovate your home. Following are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer:

  1. They are Skillful

Professional interior designers actually know the art of decorating home. They have the know-how of what is good for your home. All you need to do is tell them what you want and they will achieve it. Interior designers are less likely to make a mistake than you due to their expertise which is why you should hire them.

  1. They have more Resources

Many valuable resources that are available to interior designers are not available to the public. They can improve the outlook of your home by using these valuable resources.

  1. They can Turn Your Ideas into Reality

If you have certain ideas in your mind that will make your home look good but have no clue how to implement it then you should contact the interior designer for help. The interior designer will come up with your expectations by turning your ideas into reality.

  1. They Save your Efforts and Time

It takes a lot of time to gather items for your home as you have to consider price and quality. It also takes a lot of effort to utilize those items to the best in order to make your home look wonderful. Interior designer knows which items are required and from where to fetch the best items.

  1. They Can Save You Money

Yes, the interior designer can save you some money. If you hire an interior designer to decorate your home instead of decorating it yourself then there would be fewer chances of costly mistakes.  Interior designers can also save you some money by increasing the value of your home by decorating it perfectly.

  1. They Reduce Your Stress

It is very stressful to decorate tour home in a hectic routine. So you should free yourself from the stress by hiring an interior designer. An interior designer will do all the work for you with little to no guidance to make your home look wonderful.

  1. They Know How to Play with Colors

Most of the people have no clue on which color will suit their home and they usually prefer light colors that are commonly used for the interior. The interior designer knows what colors will look good on your home. They can play with colors to give a fresh new look to your home.

  1. They can Get You Durable Furniture

Interior designers know which type furniture will suit the rooms in your home. They also have a knowhow of from where to buy the most durable furniture at a reasonable price so they will help you purchase the best furniture for your home.

  1. They Take Care of Small Details

Interior designers are detail oriented professionals. They take care of small details that we often overlook. They can make some wonderful additions to your home that you haven’t even thought of.

You can find the best interior designers on smithe.com.

Meet Cindi Simpson

simpson, cindi 7939s

I absolutely love all aspects of design.  Whether designing a modern, contemporary or traditional space, my philosophy is to provide comfortable, livable rooms, with a sophisticated edge.  My love for fashion, color and design brought me to Walter E. Smithe – add in my passion for creativity and you get one inspired designer!  With access to over 250 manufacturers, I can find the perfect pieces that reflect your personality and inspire you.

Check out some of Cindi’s Designs!

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Contact Cindi today! cindis@smithe.com

Meet Donna Murray

Donna MurrayThe Walter E. Smithe of Designers welcomed Donna Murray in 2014. An experienced designer working in the industry since 2000, Donna’s designs are featured in both the Boston and Chicago areas.  Just a glimpse at her portfolio, and you’ll see her talent for design and eye for style!

Donna came to Smithe because of our vast array of quality product lines.  “WES is a one stop shop! We carry furniture from over 200 vendors, making it easy to find just the right piece for your room.”  Donna uses those products to create spaces that make her clients feel comfortable and happy in their home–and loves mixing in sentimental family pieces into the room to give it a personal touch.


Donna’s creativity is front and center in her designs.  She loves great fabric a pop of color, interesting texture & design.  Check out Donna’s Bio page on the Smithe.com site for more information!


Meet Ann Schref – Interior Designer

Ann Schref, Interior Designer, Walter E. Smithe Furniture Chicago - NapervilleWalter E. Smithe has the best Interior Designers in the business! At all of our Chicago locations, you can find experienced, professionally trained designers ready to help you put together a curated look that will match your style and budget!

Meet Ann Schref:
“My favorite design trend is the movement toward eclectic style.  Fresh, straight lined upholstery covered in crisper textural fabrics, and soft graphic patterns used for pillows and simple window treatments also appeal to me. I love color, but also enjoy using neutrals with many textures for interest. A surprise element in every room—an accent piece of upholstery , beautiful mirror or accessory, great wall color, or interesting chest—makes a room unexpected and special.”Ann Schref, Interior Designer, Naperville, Chicago - Walter E. Smithe Furniture + Design

To see some more of Ann’s incredible designs, or find contact information, check out her bio page on Smithe.com.