The Small-Yet-Mighty Martini Table

Your favorite chair needs a teeny table to rest your martini on…or whatever your favorite drink may be! Wonderfully petite in size, we just can’t have enough martini tables in our life. Smaller than your standard end table, they tuck into small spaces and provide just enough tabletop space – a small-yet-mighty addition.

Spot On Martini Table
The “Spot On” Martini table is a fun brassy accent that can be easily tucked in.


Don’t be afraid to go with a bold martini table- their small size allows for a great opportunity to get away with using an unexpected finish or material like rose gold, acrylic, or petrified wood – the possibilities are endless. Like the perfect jewelry, they can add just the right touch of personality to any space. Tuck one between two chairs as well for an intimate conversation over cocktails.

Glass, marble, and metal Medina Table
Available in many designs and sizes, these accents are very on-trend.


Check out a few of many martini tables that we adore, along with Walt’s martini recipe – a Smithe family favorite! Which one is your new favorite?

Luxe Martini Table
Luxe Martini Table
Lumiere Accent Table
Lumiere Accent Table
Opal Martini Table
Opal Martini Table
Metal Tray Chairside Table
Metal Tray Chairside Table
Jet Set Martini Table
Jet Set Martini Table


Walt’s Martini


Add a tiny bit of dry vermouth in the bottom of a glass, and swirl it around to coat the inside of the glass.

Shake the glass hard into the sink to get most of the vermouth out.

Fill with ice and your favorite gin or vodka. Add blue cheese or jalapeno olives. Cheers!


Jet Set
Jet Set Martini Table adds a little bling to your favorite corner nook

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