Your New Living Room

palisadesA living room is an integral part of your home in which you spend time with your family and friends so it needs to be decorated perfectly. Following are some wonderful living room ideas that will help you achieve your ideal living room:

  1. Color Scheme and Theme

It is very important to pick a theme when decorating your living room. It also helps in picking out new furniture so that you may achieve your desired results. You can also change the color of your walls to match your theme and preferences.

  1. Choose the Essentials

Make a list of all the things that you need in your living room like a couch and a coffee table. You can purchase one long couch and a smaller on and then place them perpendicular to each other. Coffee table can be used as a center piece of your living room. You can put all your necessities on like magazines and books.

  1. Take Measurements Before Purchasing Furniture

You should measure and confirm the actual length and width of your living room before purchasing furniture. Decide where you want to place each piece of furniture and take measurements of that particular area.  If you are planning to buy a bookcase then you need to take the measurement of the ceiling as well.

  1. Give Furniture Some Breathing Space

Do not overcrowd your living room. There is no need to fill up the whole space with lots of furniture as it will make the room look awkward. Invest your money on less but high-quality pieces that will make your room look better.

  1. Add Extras

Once you have purchased the essentials now is the time to add an extra flavor to your dining room with the help some smaller but useful decorative items. Search for the best artwork for the walls and decorate your mantelpiece with candles, figurines, and photo frames. You can also purchase an extra lamp to provide additional lighting.

  1. Hang Artwork

Display artwork on the walls to enhance the outlook of your living room. You need to hang the artwork at the right height to look perfect. The height for hanging artwork in galleries and museums is such that the center of each piece is 57 inches to 60 inches from the floor. You should bear this in mind that the average human eye level is 57 inches so you should hang your artwork at the same height.

  1. Focal Point

Any living room is incomplete without a proper focal point. You can choose your favorite mantel or art piece as a focal point. Focal point plays a lead role in making the room look beautiful. It is a main center of attention. Make your focal point more prominent with the help of secondary items. Fireplace and lightening collectively are a very ideal focal point for the living room. 

  1. Display Your Best Collectibles

Do not forcefully try to fit a piece in your dining room just because someone special gave it you. Display your best collectibles that suit the theme of your dining room and fit in perfectly.




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