Dining Room Decor

wes-31Dining Room Decor

A dining room is a place reserved for hosting and gatherings so it should be given a lot of attention when you are planning to renovate your home. Following are some dining room décor ideas:

  1. Dining Table 

Choose a dining room tables that fits perfectly in your dining room.  If your family is small then you should opt for the extendable dining room table so that you may increase the capacity of the table when required. When choosing a dining table do not go for the conventional style tables instead opt for white or light oak table that can bounce back light inside the room and give a refreshing new feeling. Most people choose oval or sometimes rectangular tables but you should not go for them instead you should choose round dining tables with a round shape that have the capacity to seat many guests. The most durable dining tables are available at smithe.com.

  1. Make the Table Center of Attention

Dining room lighting needs to be perfect if you want your dining room to look wonderful. Choose dinner party lighting as they give a festive touch to the dining room. You can put modern/antique chandeliers and wall light fixtures on dimmers to make a soft pleasant glow. You can then let the candle lights or table lights to close down the height of the room, make the space peaceful and the table a center of attention. Table centerpieces like traditional flower display, wild flowers in jam jars and pumpkins are also a good option to make the table center of attention. Don’t forget to update the upholstery on the chairs in a certain pattern that picks colors up from the window treatments, napkin rings, and the wall art. You should select a vivid or bold pattern to seek the attention of the onlookers.

  1. Colors and Patterns for Dining Room

You should keep the colors and patterns consistent throughout the dining room.  Avoid using many different colors in one space instead you should try to keep things consistent and interconnected. If you are interested in wall art then handle all the framed images with light colored mounts. When painting the dining room choose the colors that do not draw the attention away from the dining table.  Ensure that all the wall lights or window treatments you have should let the natural daylight come which you can use throughout the day. Choose a color that goes well with the dining room in both daytime and nighttime. It is often seen that a color that is convenient at night can become inconvenient in daylight.

  1. It’s all About Food

The dining room is a place of feasting and hence it is all about food so make the food focus of the room by putting a beverages fridge and console table to display the dishes. Always put some fruits in a basket and place them on a dining table as they give a good look to the table.

  1. White Dining

You can opt for white dining as it can give you the variety that makes breakfast comfortable and evenings dramatic. Pair a simple dining table with some vintage dining chairs, mismatched antiques like serving bowls or cutlery with modern plates always looks eye catching.

  1. Bring Texture to Your Room

Opt for a wall treatment that tends to bring texture to the dining room. The wall treatment may include faux painting, bead board or hanging fabric as a background to the wall art.


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