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MaureenMaureen Smithe, a buyer for Walter E. Smithe furniture stores has quickly become a style icon in her own right. A fixture in the design rooms at Walter E. Smithe, Maureen’s buying decisions have come to identify the Smithe brand for a new generation of furniture buyers in Chicago and beyond. Recently, Maureen was asked to contribute to a Chicago Life story on living rooms versus great rooms.


the great room

We couldn’t be prouder of Maureen and the entire buying and design staff at Walter E. Smithe for their tireless contributions to style, design and Chicago itself!


One thought on “Chicago Life

  1. I love the furniture your family sells. My friends and I get together twice a month to go overr your blogs, what is new and look at your furniture vinettes.

    I would say the only draw back is the cost of the Smithe furniture is out of most family budgets. My sister bought a dining room set she saved for six months to buy. But!!! It looks beauriful! 🙂


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